A night at the races

With the weather heating up to uncomfortable levels in the mid-late thirties, running in the day is no longer a good option. It got to about 10:20 in the evening earlier this week when I decided it was time to put on the old running shoes and head out.

First things first, safety is more of an issue at night, so no running round the river. Instead I stuck to the streets, following the streetlights like some heavily sweating lost moth. It made for an interesting route, lapping up and down the better lit pavements, crossing halfway and then back again, cutting squarely across roads I’d just run up in the other direction. 

It was very quiet, only a few people about. I’d expected to see people outside the pubs at closing time, but I jogged passed three on my travels and saw no one. The lack of cars meant I could happily trot down the middle of more gloomy streets without fear of getting mowed down. Apart from a few local cats who eyed me curiously as I weaved past, the only other creature around was a bat, who flapped hopelessly past like an old tennis ball with its fluff hanging off.

It was an enjoyable run. The only problem was that it was still warm, and when I got back home after around 6.5km I was pouring with sweat. I had a tactic in place to help me out that evening; I left a bottle of water outside of my front door and headed past at around the 4km mark for a top up. Glugging down a load of water and then starting off again only really helped to give me a stitch for the rest of the way. 

This lonely jaunt out into the late evening was enjoyable, but only really as a one-off. I’ll try to stick to the early mornings to get away from the strong heat of the summer days. Going out running at this time of day, and without any music to listen to weirdly meant I got the knightrider theme tune stuck in my head as I went round; if you don’t recall it then well worth a listen. 

You may recall the intro: “Knight Rider, a shadowy flight into the dangerous world of man who does not exist”. Well, this night runner existed all right that evening, it was everyone else who wasn’t there.

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