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When you’ve got to go…

There’s some sort of local festival happening this weekend which means the smell of burgers wherever you go, the collective public inability to throw rubbish in a bin, and a lot of people roaming aimlessly around the neighbourhood. There’s also a few stages with live music on – these are mostly local bands that no one has ever heard of, but live music is almost always good, always worth supporting, and great for a party atmosphere.

Overall, the festival is a good thing to have on the doorstep, and as long as there’s no trouble (there usually isn’t to be honest), then there’s something for everyone to enjoy. 

I went for a run one morning this week when they were starting to set everything up. The first thing to be installed were the portaloos. Not a few cubicles in the corner of a field, no designated toilet only area, no! The streets were lined with the things. 

As I ran past, it occurred to me that these cubicles were the cleanest they would ever be over the next few days. What a confidence boost for anyone on a long run with the potential for being caught short. Fortunately, I didn’t feel the need to pop in one as I jogged past, but if I had… what a time to be alive! Throughout the run I was never more than a hundred meters or so from a vacant toilet, right in my path. Two days later and I wouldn’t want to be within 20 feet of those overflowing stalls.

Overall the run went well, putting a few more miles into the legs has also boosted my confidence – more so than the recently improved availability of the public conveniences. And because I’m now more active again, I feel like I’ve really earned a beer or two – if you need me I’ll be at the front of the main stage dancing to one of the bands – I think tonight it’s Salad Bike Scuffle followed by Torch Fluster. Awesome!


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