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(Not) Being pushy, an update

I wrote on Friday about the hundred push-up challenge I’d decided to start. Today was day one of the challenge for me so I wanted to give a quick update for the others who have also said they’d take this on with me.

The challenge has three workouts each week, my plan is to do these every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I’ll then post an update of how I got on for the week after the last session on the Friday and anyone who is taking part can post progress in the comments too (should you want to).

Spoiler alert, the first workout today went well. There’s no backing out of the challenge for me just yet!


6 thoughts on “(Not) Being pushy, an update

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    1. Great minds…! I did the same when I got to the 9+ and assumed, like you, it meant just keep going. I got to 16 but my technique was getting a bit shonky so I stopped there. Check in on Friday 👍


  1. I manage session one today [Thursday]. Although I am not doing a free form Push up because I do a banded version, I also had a good first session. Hopefully the band thickness will reduce over time and the last session will see a decent percentage of PU done correctly! There’s always someone who puts hope over experience! 🙂

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    1. Great to hear you’ve had a successful day one of the challenge. Hopefully it’ll go well for all of us over the next few weeks. Have you got days planned of when you’ll do the sessions each week, or are you seeing how it goes for now?

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      1. I’m planning on Tue-Thurs & Sat at the moment. I have thought I will use the same format to improve my Box Jumps and Double Under Skips! What could go wrong? 😂 It’ll be one of my adventures for the year and I’m thinking of calling it The Hundreds! 😵‍💫

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