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Cold hands, sore arms

It’s the end of week one of the hundred push-up challenge and time for an update. The good news is that I completed everything I was supposed to, so currently on track with it. 

If you’re not aware, the hundred push-up challenge is a six week incremental training programme, which should prepare you to complete the challenge at the end of it. There are three workouts each week, and each workout consists of five sets. The format is typically the second set is higher than the first; the third and fourth sets are the same lower number; the fifth set is pretty much do as many as you can.

So how has the week gone? First of all, I managed a total of 174 push ups this week over the three days. That seems a great start. On day one I felt my form was a little off at the beginning so made sure I was concentrating on doing push-ups correctly, rather than semi-formed ones that could end up causing me problems in the longer challenge. 

On Wednesday, my day two, I found my pectorals were still a bit sore from the Monday workout but I managed to complete the five sets, and by today, day three, I was feeling good again. The last workout was challenging but doable and I made the mistake of looking at the numbers for week two when I’d finished. Looks like the challenge is going to be a bit of a steep curve up to the hundred!

For anyone else following the challenge I’d love to hear how you’ve been getting on and also hear your thoughts going into the next week(s) too.


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  1. Also completed the challenge – 20, 20 and 25 for the three final sets for 183 in total, I think. I don’t want to show the in-depth science and finely-honed schedule of the programme any disrespect but I tend to think the theory is that the more push-ups you do, the better you get at them.


    1. This is amazing news! We’ll done on achieving the 100. How was the challenge in the end? Was the final set tough? I’ve unfortunately been out of action for around a month through illness so haven’t been online, haven’t been running and haven’t managed a single push up since week 2. I’m just about back on my feet now but bit of a hill to climb to get back to where I was last year fitness wise. All good, just another challenge coming! Really pleased you managed to complete this one, sorry I was awol during most of it, I’d have liked to have progressed with you over the weeks

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  2. I had a horrible feeling you were probably unwell or injured (or both) – glad to hear you are improving but the push-up challenge will still be waiting for you when you’re fully recovered. It’s a tougher challenge than I’d expected.


  3. I doubt I’ve learned much that will be of help if you do go for it again but I’ve blogged about it as I’ve gone and will do a post tomorrow to sum it up. The bottom line, as ever, is to do the training (I’ve done a little more than 3000 of the beggars over the 6 weeks).


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