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Garmin Apps

All Run Another apps are available free on the Garmin Connect IQ store


What Garmin app translates your recent activity data into secret code? It’s Morse! Of course!

Morse! takes the your last seven days of history and converts it into morse code, represented with dots for the days you hit your target, dashes for the days you don’t.

Morse! generates four words which will appear in order at the top of the screen in your own secret coded phrase, updated every day.

The Morse! app tracks:

  • Steps
  • Weekly active minutes
  • Floors climbed
  • Calories burned

Want to change the order of the words? Just change the order of the information being tracked in the settings.

Want to repeat a word in the phrase? You can pick the same data multiple times.

Don’t like the phrase you get, or want to write your own message? Overwrite it in the settings on your phone. A great way to set a reminder for yourself.

Morse codes are all individually mapped to words making the app completely safe for all the family to use.

This app is intended to show useful historic data presented in a fun way. Some of the morse codes generated by the data did not map cleanly to a normal English word, so there has been some editorial license to make sure the words generated are clean and proper, whilst keeping as close to the data as possible.

Download now on the Garmin Connect IQ store


Rotorua is a fresh new watch face which shows progress against your goals represented visually in five sections around the screen. Each section fills with colour as you progress – when you reach your goal, or 100%, the whole section will be filled.

The watch face is split into five sections to show:

  • Steps
  • Battery percent
  • Weekly active minutes
  • Floors climbed
  • Calories burned
Watch face showing the Rotorua app

Steps, Floors climbed, and Calories burned are all based on the daily target; active minutes tracks progress against the weekly goal.

The centre of the watch face shows the time, date, and heart rate.

Daily calories goal can be configured in settings.

Each goal section can be coloured independently through the app settings. The background is also configurable and can either be light grey, dark grey, or black.

Download now on the Garmin Connect IQ store

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