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Back to life

After a short, mild, annoying illness and an intensive period at work, my other life of running, writing the blog, and making Garmin apps can finally pick up again. 

There’s two dangers at challenging times like this last period – the first is a refusal to drop anything and getting completely swamped (I’m typically not great at this); the second is finding the motivation to pick all those dropped activities up again when life calms down a bit (I’m generally awful at this).

But it appears the dangers have been successfully navigated as here we are. One run done, and now one post on the blog, good to see you all again!

The run was short, just half an hour around the park before work but good to get the legs working again. It felt all right: no issues, soreness, cramps, pulled muscles, sprained ankles; no tripping up, no falling in the river, and no treading in dog poo – overall a great run to build up confidence ahead of the race, just a few weeks away. 

One thing I’ve missed over the past couple of weeks is reading updates from all the blogs I follow –  I’ll try to catch up over the weekend, adding my “insightful” comments where I can. 

All that’s left to do is pick up on the app development side of things. I was close to releasing a new app a couple of weeks ago but will have to take some time to re-familiarise myself with where I was up to and what needed finishing before it goes live. Hopefully that will get going again quickly.

And finally, in the spirit of the blog, it must be about time to run another… run!

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